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Statewide Administrative Office
118 S. Clinton Street, Suite 500
Chicago, Illinois 60661
Phone: (312) 663-1522

Chicago Site

Executive Director
Eloy Salazar

Senior Accountant
Lavinia Doligosa

Director of Migrant Education Services
Brenda Pessin

Director of Workforce Development
Cynthia Thomas-Grant

Director of Minority Health Programs
& Youth Services

Esperanza Gonzalez

Director of Planning
Donna Fantozzi

Migrant Education State Coordinator
Eva Jimenez

Workforce Systems Specialist
Magdalena Echevarria

Field Sites

Northern Regional Manager
(815) 943-6851 (Harvard)

Northwest Regional Manager
Berta Stritchfield
(309) 757-1070 (Moline)

North Central Workforce Development Manager
Mary Phelan
(309) 999-4257 (Peoria)

Family Literacy Coordinator
Maria Dominguez
(309) 385-1901 (Princeville)

Central Region

Alma Prieto, Career Planning Coordinator
(309) 999-4258

Southern/Southwestern Region

Patricia Sawyer, Regional Manager
(618) 833-8500 (Anna)

Technology Learning Center Coordinator
Catalina Toro-Mejia
(618) 893-1922 (Cobden)

NFJP Business Services Manager
Central, North Central and Northwest Regions
Paul Belcher
(309) 999-4259

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