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Statewide Administrative Office
118 S. Clinton Street, Suite 500
Chicago, Illinois 60661
Phone: (312) 663-1522

Chicago Site

Executive Director
Eloy Salazar

Controller (Interim)
Flor Clarito

Director of Migrant Education Services
Brenda Pessin

Director of Workforce Investment Programs
Cynthia Thomas-Grant

Director of Minority Health Programs
Esperanza Gonzalez

Director of Planning
Donna Fantozzi

Migrant Education State Coordinator
Eva Jimenez

Workforce Coordinator
Magdalena Echevarria

Field Sites

Northern Regional Manager
Contact Leonidas Prieto
(815) 943-6851 (Harvard)

Northwest Regional Manager (Interim)
Contact Leonidas Prieto
(815) 943-6851 (Harvard)

North Central Training and Employment Manager
Mary Phelan
(309) 495-8950 (Peoria)

Family Literacy Coordinator
Maria Dominguez
(309) 385-1901 (Princeville)

Central - Seasonal Site
Contact Cynthia Thomas-Grant
(312) 663-1522

Southern/Southwestern Region Training
Employment Manager

Patricia Sawyer
(618) 833-8500 (Anna)

Technology Learning Center Coordinator
Bridget Phillips
(618) 893-1922 (Cobden)

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