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Eligibility for NFJP Enrollment
Cross Training Tool will be updated for
WIOA Title I D Section 167-NFJP pending final regulations.

Eligibility in common with WIOA Title IB:
  Citizen or noncitizen authorized to work in the U.S.
Meets Military Selective Service Requirements
Adult 18 years old or older
Youth 14-21 In-School; Youth 16-24 Out-of-School
NFJP Eligibility for a SEASONAL Farmworker:
  Low income [defined in WIOA Sec. 3(36)(A) and (B)]
Primarily employed in qualifying agricultural labor during any consecutive 12 months in the 24-month period immediately preceding application and must have
1) 50% of earned income OR time in qualifying farmwork * and
2) earned at least $800 OR worked 25 days in qualifying farmwork *
Faces multiple barriers to economic self-sufficiency
NFJP Eligibility for a MIGRANT Farmworker:
  Must be a seasonal farmworker (see above) whose agricultural labor required travel to a job site making it unable to return to a permanent residence within the same day
Also Eligible for NFJP Career Services and Training:
  Dependents of a migrant or seasonal farmworker


Qualifying farmwork is characterized by chronic unemployment or underemployment in the

production, cultivation, growing and harvesting of any agricultural or horticultural commodities;
raising livestock, bees, fur-bearing animals and poultry;
fish farming and aquaculture; practices (e.g., forestry, lumbering) performed by a farmer or on a farm in conjunction with farming operations in preparation for market or delivery and transport to market;
the handling, drying, packing, packaging, processing, freezing or grading prior to delivery for storage of any commodity in its unmanufactured state.

Examples of non-qualifying farmworker jobs are: landscaping, canning cooked fruit and vegetables, meatpacking.

The details defining eligibility elements and qualifying farmwork may change after WIOA regulations are finalized.

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